Restringing & Repairs

​​​Broken Pearls? Beads or Necklaces need Restringing? 'You Send - We Mend'.

We will restore your jewellery, old, new or sentimental (and revive those memories). We offer a comprehensive service and our work is guaranteed for 3 years.

Please call 01667 453688, 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and leave a message if we can't answer. We'll always call back. Or click here to email

Post Jewellery for restringing, repair or alteration to:

North Star Import Ltd.

65 Harbour Street


IV12 4NX

We'll let you know the exact price before we go ahead.

Restringing Price List:

For pearls/beads of 6 mm or more, it costs £10.80 per strand up to 18 inches + 60p per subsequent inch.

For pearls/beads of smaller diameter, or small graduated necklaces, it’s £13.60 + 75p per subsequent inch.

We'll quote for each individual job. If your pearls are unusually extra small, it might cost a wee bit more as this is very time-consuming and fiddly. Hand knotting between each pearl/bead (where required) can sometimes cost a little more. We'll give you a quotation for each job before we go ahead. 

Bracelets are usually about £6.00 to re-make as new.

If we use gimps (French wires) these are charged at 15p each.

*PLEASE NOTE* After re-stringing, your necklace or bracelet might be shorter than before, as the new knots will be tight. Please let us know if you want a specific finished length. You might want to count the pearls that you send us. We won't be offended!

If any pearls (or beads) are damaged or blocked (with glue, etc.) we can replace or re-drill them. We'll ask you first before we do anything not specified.

We also replace broken or awkward clasps on all types of jewellery.

Please click here to go to the Clasp Gallery

Spare pearls

We'll be happy to make up single or double-drop earrings from any spare pearls. This costs £5.50 per pair for silver hooks or £7.50 per pair for silver French Drop style on studs. Gold is available if you prefer.

100% reliability

We'll let you know when your things have arrived and we'll send you an invoice/quotation so you know how much it will cost. Whatever we do, you'll get personal service, a professional job, carefully done at a good price.


If you pack your things into a padded envelope less than an inch (25 mm) thick it will go as a 'large letter'. If your envelope is thicker, then it becomes a 'parcel' and the postage is higher. 

Return postage (including packing etc.) is added to your bill. We’ll let you know the exact amount on receipt of your things and send you an invoice.

How long will it take?

We'll let you know when it arrives and you will normally get it back within 2 - 3 weeks. If you're in a hurry, please tell us.

(For a guaranteed 48 hour turnaround, you can use our Express Service for an extra payment of £6.00.)

We will send you an invoice and payment options in due course.

(If you'd like to pay by Paypal, please let us know.)

Please click here to e-mail for further information or call 10 am - 4pm Monday to Friday: 01667 453688