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13 11 2021

Dear Geoff and Lian
I’m delighted with the string of pearls I requested to replace a “sad” chain on a pendant I really like.  The blue/green pearls are a great match for the pendant and you very helpfully sent me pictures of six different types of small pearls to choose from.  You also helped me when it came to choosing the right ones. 
I wasn’t sure whether it would be worth doing but the price you charged was very reasonable and I would recommend anyone to try replacing an unloved chain with some lovely small pearls!
Thank you again
Myra Hughes

to review: 06 09 2021

I had pearls and other necklaces done beautifully when they were starting out. Now I need them again and will be in touch soon. Kathleen Banks, Churchtown

To: review@giftpearls.co.uk  23 07 2021

Bracelet review

Got my bracelet back and it is just perfect.  The pearls are gleaming and the new catch is fab.
Fantastic service with really good communication throughout.  Also, very reasonably priced for the level of craftmanship - I can highly recommend.
Heather, Northern Ireland

1st July 2021   Thoroughly recommend the service

I had my Pearl necklace repaired very honest trustworthy and reasonable charge service very professional and quick to respond highly recommend his service

Reena, Hornchurch
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26 06 2021

to review@giftpearls.co.uk

I have just received my restrung pearl bracelet this morning. I am delighted. It is gleaming and feel like I have a brand new piece of jewellery.

Thank you so much. Marlene Somers, Aberdeen

26 06 2021

Dear Geoff,just to say thank you to you and your colleagues for repairing the 2 strings of pearls, and the new fasteners. They are lovely, I am very pleased with them. I will be sending you more ! and recommending you to friends. 

Kind Regards

Esther, Shropshire  

09 06 2021  'Just like new'

Hello Geoff

I am delighted with my restrung pearls which arrived this morning.  Thanks a lot - also for the cleaning, they look just like new, amazing.

Best regards, Mrs. Richardson,  London

09 06 2021 Dear Geoff 

what a kind and beautiful service - honestly its been a joy

Best Wishes, Charlotte

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We recently heard about this service through a friend who had their pearls restrung and highly recommended them to us.  Such wonderful kind customer service, a person answers the phone no automated service...nothing is too much trouble and the speed of turnaround is incredible.  The cost makes it affordable to have it done every year to avoid losing precious heirlooms and gifts.  Thank you Geoff. 

09 07 2021  'Delighted again'

Second time I’ve sent Jewellery to be repaired.  Second time I’ve been delighted.
Myra Hughes

June 9th 2021

Recent re-stringing of pearls

Excellent service. 5 stars!
Jo Slater

26thMay 2021

'impeccable work'

I have just opened my two items, returned from their holiday in Scotland. As usual, impeccable work by those tiny fingered Scottish elves. The antique ivory beads look absolutely splendid. The tigers eye chunky nuggets have made a very imposing piece of jewellery. I have the utmost admiration for the restoration and restringing work produced by Giftpearls. One day, when I can, I’m going to cross the border to see the magical elf workforce.
Once again, my sincere thanks for another couple of jobs well done.

Cathryn Smithson Whitehead

Thank you Geoff for restringing my very long pearl string into three beautiful necklaces
with clasps from your range which are of very good quality.
I cannot hesitate to recommend your marvellous prompt service at a very reasonable price.
Will definitely be lining up some more work for you.
Meera, London

25th May 2021

Hi Geoff,

Just to say thank you so much for cleaning and restringing my old pearl necklace. You have done such an amazing job for me. It has been beautifully transformed and I am looking forward to wearing it soon. I am very pleased I found you and will definitely come back in the future.

Kind regards.Y.Y, Manchester, England

'A beautiful job'  May 15th 2021

Hi Geoff,

I was very surprised to get a knock at the door this morning from the post lady. Thank you so much! I am really pleased - you've done a beautiful job with a very quick turnaround. I can now wear my grandmother's and great-grandmother's necklaces!

Thank you,

Sarah, Gloucestershire

11 05 2021 'Marvellous service'.

Just wanted to say how grateful I am to Geoff and his wife for repairing/ restringing my necklace.
I’m so glad I found them, my lovely Pearl and gem necklace was a gift from my late father, and I treasured it, unfortunately one of my Ridgebacks jumped up and caught it, and it snapped, goodness I was fraught!   
I googled restringing, and thankfully found Geoff.
Now my necklace has been repaired brilliantly, as good if not better than before.
I cannot thank them enough, an easy procedure too, send item, await quote, pay and receive repaired item, all very efficient and fast too.
Delighted, thank you very much, regards Tracey Copeland

05 05 2021

So sorry that It has taken a while to get back to you. 

I received my package safely. Everything was really lovely. Thank you so much. 

I have highly recommended you to all my friends and family.  

The pearl earrings were a perfect match and I am very pleased with absolutely everything. 

Thank you again, 

Kind Regards, Elizabeth,  Middlesex

To Review 21 April 2021

'magical elves with really tiny fingers'

I am a reseller of vintage and antique jewellery. I found Giftpearls quite by chance whilst looking for someone to restring my own pearls which were a wedding gift from my husband and to which I am most sincerely attached. I have continued to use this amazing repair and restringing service for my business. The work done on my pearls was first class, and each time my vintage pieces are returned after restringing they have been given a new lease of life. The work is faultless. I believe it is done by magical elves with really tiny fingers. Long live the restringing elves who are worth every single penny. 🧝‍♀️
Cathryn SW

'First Class Service' 15 04 2021

“Thank you very much for re-stringing my murano glass necklace. Not only was it done quickly and professionally, but also a lot quicker and cheaper than if I had taken it in to a jewellers. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of jewellery repairs. First class service.”

Linda C. Surrey

To review 14 04 2021
Thank you so much for restringing my mum's pearls. They look gorgeous, wonderful job 👌

Caroline, Wales

08 04 2021

I just want to say how impressed I am with your company. I sent my pearls off for re-stringing last week and I have received them back within the week! Fantastic service! All my communications have been met with friendliness and helpfulness. I think my pearls look better than they did before, thank you again.
Kind regards
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April 5th 2021
Hello Geoff 

I just wanted to email to say how delighted I am with my “new” bracelet, you have excelled on this occasion it’s absolutely beautiful I’m beyond happy thank you so much. I will continue to highly recommend you. I expect I will have something else for you to “get your teeth into” before too long.

Absolutely please quote me on your customer page with my name :) . Excellent personalised jewellery services such as yours are very hard if not impossible to find so I’m always telling folk about you :-)

Kind regards 

Maggie, Coventry

4th April 2021

Thank you so much for working on my pearls, 5 sets, 2 bracelets and 3 necklaces are all now fixed and I am able to wear them again.  

They are beautiful again and in a safer condition with the restringing and knotting.   

Thanks Geoff for the quick and reasonably priced turnaround too. 

Very happy customer here.  

Kath Whittle

To Review, 31 March 2021

I was a little apprehensive sending my pearls away to someone I found on the internet but I certainly need not have worried. A very friendly and personal service and I am delighted with the result.

Many thanks Susan Hughes .Powys. Wales
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Wed, 10 Mar 2021
Thank you so very much, they look absolutely beautiful, and I am delighted with them.
Thank you so very much again 
A.H. Lincolnshire, xx
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10 Mar 2021
Dear Geoff and Lian
Thank you so much for the first class repairs you carried out - bringing some much-loved pieces of my jewellery back to life.  Absolutely delighted!! 
Kind regards and best wishes 
Myra Hughes
08 03 2021
Dear Geoff
Thank you so much for such a fast professional service.
I am so pleased to have my ultra long pearls back "party ready", together with my super chic Chanel pearls. They have been waiting for restringing for several years - so glad I grasped the nettle. Found you thanks to a bit of googling!

Sue Osborne

On Sat, 6 Mar 2021

Hi Geoff, just to say that I received my pearls in the post this morning, I am delighted with them. Thank you so much for making them look so lovely. I can’t wait to show the rest of the family. Have a great weekend, take care
Catherine ? Sent from my iPhone

02 03 2021

Dear Geoff,

I acknowledge receipt of the return of my pearls and I'd wish to thank you. 

The colour of the re-stringing is perfect, together with the length.

Your overall service was first class and I'm thrilled the with outcome.

Yours faithfully, Patricia Jones (Mansfield).

20th January 2021

Latest pearls received yesterday. 

I'd like to thank you for all the re-stringing. I'm so pleased to be able to put the pearls to good use now. 

The girls and I are delighted with the necklaces. I am also delighted with the earings and little bracelet. 

Thank you again and I certainly pass your information on to any of my friends in the future if they require similar workmanship. 

Kind regards,

Joan T. Edinburgh

20 02 21

As usual my pearls were repaired, restrung and returned as well done and as prompt as always. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for your pearls to look lovely again!

Thank you as always.

Alison, Norfolk


' A very happy customer'

Dear Liam and Geoff

The bracelet arrived yesterday afternoon Like everything else I have received from you it is delightful and I am looking forward to wearing it with my new earrings which are delightful too.Thank you very much. All your work has given me great pleasure.

With all best wishes,

Susan, a very happy customer.

I like the little gold pouch too!



15th January 2021

Thank you so much for repairing my Moms pearls which I received back today.  I am delighted with the result, they are perfect. Her granddaughter is thrilled that she will now be able to wear them on her wedding day. Quick turnaround with excellent communication. Would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Kind regards
Lorraine Bates 
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08 01 2021 'Faultless work' 

Excellent, faultless work as usual, from the ever charming Lian. 

Wendy, Mid Wales